2024 achema

The 2024 ACHEMA

With manufacturers and service providers from over 50 countries presenting their products for chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech research and manufacturing as well as energy and environmental services ACHEMA is the driving force and groundbreaker for the international process industries and their suppliers.


xinda hot melt extruder
Specification Pharm  11mm Pharm  16mm Pharm  20mm
Output ≤1kg/h ≤3kg/h 3-10kg/h
Power 1.5kw 2.0kw 4kw

Advantages of HME

In mature technology, hot melt extrusion is the leading method for ASD

High shear force mixing and extrusion to enhance drug dissolution and stability

Continuous process, more stable quality support online detection

No water or solvent is required, and it supports the production of moisture-sensitive materials

Fewer process steps and high repeatability

Advantages of HME

Sustained-release or delayed-release preparations

Insoluble API &masking API bad smells

Skin, mucous membrane, or wound care films

Localized release formulation

Medical polymer materials
( PVC, PS, PAM, PVA, Implants materials; PLA, PLGA)

Food: Plant protein meat, etc.

Other formulation (research development.)