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Jiangsu Xinda Tech Limited is a leading manufacturer of compounding and twin screw extruders. We offer innovative and high-quality extrusion solutions for various industries. Our compounding extruders efficiently blend and process materials, while our twin screw extruders are known for their high capacity and reliable operation. With customizable configurations and advanced control systems, our extruders deliver superior results. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, providing comprehensive technical support throughout the process. Whether you’re a large-scale manufacturer or a research institution, trust us as your reliable partner for advanced extrusion solutions.For premium quality, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled support, choose Jiangsu Xinda Tech Limited – your trusted partner in compounding extruders and beyond. Contact us now to elevate your compounding processes to new heights!

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40 sets of xinda compounding system are running in the same time



Mr.Kong founded color masterbatch company.

jiangsu xinda tech limited


First step into designand manufacturing of the Co-Kneader & Twin.

co kneader


XINDA Co-Kneader appeared and trials in our masterbatch plant.

clamshell barrel twin screw extruder


Debut of the first commercial Co-Kneader.

co kneader


XINDA SKW new type Co-Kneader launched

co kneader


Move to 40000 sqm new plant.

trial centre


XINDA extruderssold to over 50 countries

global customer


Hot sales in Cable compoundapplications, turnover 30% increased.

cable compounding extruder


Pharma exteuderresearch and development

hot melt extruder


India market expansion

india customer

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