laboratory extruder

Laboratory extruder was developed especially for processing of smallest batch sizes.It is equipped with segmented screws that can be quickly reconfigured to meet your specific needs. The “clamshell” design makes screw changes and cleanout quick and easy, adding to its versatility. High performance and flexibility make it an ideal compounding system for formulation development.

Laboratory Twin Screw Extruder PSHJ-20、PSHJ-35

Features and Advantages

>    Short changeover times

>    Small batches from 2kg -80kg /h

>    Clamshell design, simple Cleaning and Maintenance

>    Modular structure, can be changed easily according to different processing techniques

>    Compact design, with both efficiency and economy

>    Simple operation by PLC controller and touch screen

Technical Data

Extruder Model PSHJ-20 Extruder Model PSHJ-35
Screw Diamenter 21.7 Screw Diamenter 35.6
Centre Distance 18 Centre Distance 30
Length Dianmeter Ratio 28-52 Length Dianmeter Ratio 28-52
Main Motor Power 4-5.5 Main Motor Power 18.5-22
Max.Screw Speed 600 Max.Screw Speed 600
Output Torque Per Shaft 32-43 Output Torque Per Shaft 140-166
Reference Output 5-20 Reference Output 20-80

Main Dimensions(L×W×H) [mm]


Laboratory Kneader SJW-45

Features and Advantages

>    Controlled and equal shear mixing

>    Highly effective distributive mixing efficiency

>    High filler loading capacity

>    Accurate temperature control

>    Narrow residence time distribution

>    Effective feeding of liquids

Technical Data

Extruder Model
Screw Diamenter 45 mm Heating Electricity
Oscillating stroke 6.75 mm Cooling water
L/D 12-20 Heating and Cooling 5 zons
Max. Speed 500 rpm Dimension 3220*1500*1700 mm
Main Motor Power 22 kw Weight 2000 kg

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