Hi, Kedan, I just wanted to share some news with you. Today, We made the first trial start of the line. There are still some issues that we need solve, but so far so good. And we just want to share this moment with you. Because it’s a very important step for us to move forward to rebuild our company in Ukraine, and it’s a huge boost for our people in Ukraine that, you know, we’re not stopping, we’re moving forwards. This new plant is starting to operate, and it is with great help from your side. So, thank you very much…

Sometimes, business isn’t solely about the pursuit of profits; it can also provide the courage for individuals who cherish life to continue moving forward.

Recently, a heartfelt letter of gratitude from Ukraine has deeply touched Xinda. This letter celebrates an immensely significant milestone – the reconstruction of a Ukrainian client’s factory and equipment during the early days of the conflict. After five months of unwavering dedication and overcoming numerous challenges, successful installation and debugging were finally achieved yesterday.

The successful trial run of this new production line signifies a significant step forward in their journey to rebuild their company in Ukraine.

In this letter, the client underscores the importance of this milestone in their company’s resurgence and expresses profound gratitude for the substantial assistance provided by Xinda.

The letter from the client serves as a poignant reminder that collaboration and support are the cornerstones of success. Holding steadfast to our commitment of aligning with customer needs and prioritizing their concerns remains our unwavering promise.

The client’s success is also a triumph for Xinda, and we eagerly anticipate jointly forging an even brighter future through our collective efforts.

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