In recent years,the environmentally friendly cable material based on polypropylene (PP) exhibits broad application prospects. Due to the difficulty in recycling thermosetting plastics, they can pose significant environmental issues that cannot be ignored. Therefore, recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene material is more in line with the positioning of cable material for high transmission capacity and environmentally friendly power cables while advocating for green environmental protection. This is also one of the future development directions of high-voltage power cable materials.

WANMA MACROMOLECULE insulation and shielding material for 110kV Polypropylene cable,which were produced by XINDA Co-Kneader, can possess the unique advantages of plasticization and recycling, together with excellent insulation and temperature resistance property, which can increase current carrying capacity, simplify processing technology, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency. It does not require high-temperature vulcanization and cross-linking, and the production process produces less by-products. When using CCV or VCV production lines for processing, it reduces the workload of cleaning vulcanized pipelines. The vulcanized pipelines do not require heating, which can effectively save energy for customers.

Figure 1  WANMA MACROMOLECULE Polypropylene insulation material(WMPP-J11)& shielding material(WMPP-P11)for 110kV cable

General Performance Overview:

Table 1 Performance of WMPP-J11

 Table 2 Perfornance of WMPP-P11

Processing performance test:

The extruded surface of WANMA MACROMOLECULE Polypropylene insulation material for 110kV cable is smooth and clean, without stress whitening, and has excellent processing performance.

The extruded surface of WANMA MACROMOLECULE Polypropylene shielding material for 110kV cable is smooth and clean, and with no pores inside; carbon black is evenly dispersed in the resin without obvious aggregation, presenting a typical grape string-like structure.

XINDA Co-Kneader not only provide strong support for the deepening development of environmentally friendly material, but also provide new momentum for green reform of the cable industry.

Source from Wanma company

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