Application: PVC flooring materials
Nation: China (A French company)
Model: Co-kneader SJW-70 and SJW-100

In 2018, according to the customer’s requirements, we will develop the raw material production line of two-color and mixed-color PVC flooring materials. The PVC of the two colors and formulas shall be mixed then granulated, and then rolled out on the floor. With the original design, Xinda made every effort to assemble the existing testing equipment to meet the requirements of the customer. After three trials in five months, the product quality and output achieved the expected results.
In 2019, the customer purchased 2 sets of Co-kneaders SJW-70 and SJW-100 respectively, equipped with an accurate gravimetric feeding system, an eccentric air-cooled pelletizing system, and an innovative GFK material cooling system. Assembly and trial production were completed in October, and the customer was satisfied.