Since the lifting of visa restrictions, more and more customers come to visit our factory and communicate with us about business and technology . This is a good trend, no more viruses will hinder our face-to-face conversations.

Today we met with Hungarian customer Szeplast. The purpose of the customer’s trip was to inspect the equipment and discuss the technical requirements for a future project. We debug the equiment and answer customer questions at the same time.

The final test results were satisfactory. One line SKW-125 Co-Kneader extruder for HFFR compounds, and another line SJW-140 Co-Kneader extruder for PVC compounds, both production lines successfully passed the inspection.

xinda co kneader extruder
xinda co kneader machine

We celebrated success with our customers at a luncheon, yes, it was a win-win cooperation.

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