Application:EVA/PE blowing masterbatch (30-70% blowing agent)
Nation: Korea
Model: Co-kneader SJW-105 and SJW-125

1. The customer is the largest blowing agent manufacturer in South Korea. Previously, they were using the Swiss buss machine, but it was old and could not meet the requirements which needs to be replaced. In 2018, after learning about XINDA’s reciprocating and kneading machine(Co-kneader)on the Internet, technical communication was conducted and finally they decided the purchased 4-flight  Co-kneader, SKW-125, with a higher output, and the expected capacity was 1000kg/h. It was designed with full automation to reduce dust pollution.

2. That customer placed an order at the end of March, 2019, and the equipment was completed in July. The customer delivered 4 tons of materials from Korea by express to carry out the FAT. During the production process, the main machine ran normally, and the quality and output of the finished compounds met the requirements.

However, we encountered a problem never happened before: Under the high temperature of 38 ° C in the workshop, the blowing agent in the feeding bin was piled up and solidified tightly, unable to discharge normally. So, the first acceptance ended in failure.Then, Xinda added vertical stirring in the silo, and changed the process: reducing the feeding amount and increasing the feeding frequency. Through the rectification, in the second acceptance in October, the operation of the whole line was stable, and the product quality and output were all recognized by customers.

3.Although Xinda has previously made blowing masterbatch production lines, it has always been below 500kg / h. The first production line with a production capacity of 1000kg / h of blowing masterbatches was a big challenge for the equipment’s metering, temperature control, dispersion and pelletizing. In the end, the equipment was successfully delivered under the joint efforts of customers and Xinda .

Customer’s Feedback and Review

1. Xinda’s equipment is modern in design and has a high degree of automation. It only requires 1-2 operators. The entire line from conveying to packaging has a reasonable design, precise control without dust pollution.

2. We’re very satisfied with the dispersion and temperature control of the reciprocating machine. Especially for the blowing agent, a material with a narrow processing temperature, Co-kneader is very suitable.

3. The particles cut by the eccentric air-cooled pelletizing device are uniform, with almost no difference in particle size and length, and meet the downstream standards.

4.XINDA’s personnel are good at learning and diligent in improvement. Regarding the high temperature agglomeration of the blowing agent, we have never noticed it for more than 10 years. After discovering such kind of problems in this test, Xinda can actively communicate and quickly design and improve equipment to help us avoid future problems. We really appreciate it.

5.The two acceptance tests, from customs clearance of 10 tons of raw materials to day and night testing (each test lasts 3 days), cost a lot of manpower and material resources, but Xinda did not charge any fees, it was great.

Video for EVA/PE Blowing Masterbatch Compounding Line

blowing masterbatch extruder machine video