Application: Metal injection molding, ceramic injection molding products, and related precision molds
Nation: Singapore
Model: PSHJ-50 Clamshell Twin Screw Extruder and 3-flights Co-kneader SJW-70

In 2015, considering that the co-kneader also has application in metal powder compounds, the customer sent raw materials tested on our machine at the beginning of 2016, and he was quite satisfied with the test result. After several rounds of negotiation, it was finally determined that Xinda would provide the turnkey project to realize continuous production from feeding systems to product packaging machines.

In 2017, since the feedback on Xinda equipment was great, the customer bought a PSHJ-50 extruder for ceramic metal powder compounds.

Customer’s Feedback and Review

1. Compared with the granules from the original twin screw extruder, the quality of the particles produced by Co-kneader is more stable, and the performance of the product after injection molding is better. After analysis, it is because stainless steel powder, PE resin, and liquid additives can be fully dispersed and mixed on the reciprocating machine, and the temperature of the material is accurately controlled.

2. The low-efficiency mode of manual premix is changed after the automatic feeding system and weightless grouping metering system are configured to the compound machine. At the same time, the automatic continuous production after a one-key setting formula is realized, which saves labor costs and improves production efficiency.

3. Co-kneader, the first stage of the stainless steel powder compounding line, adopts a Clamshell barrel design, which is convenient for quick opening and cleaning. The base of the twin screw extruder on the second stage is equipped with a guide rail, which can be quickly separated from the upper stage during maintenance, which is convenient to operate and saves labor.

4. Twin screw extruder adopts a clamshell barrel design. When changing formulas or maintenance, it can be quickly opened and cleaned, which shortens the time of conversion and maintenance.