This equipment is a solid dispersion one-step granulator developed by our company for pharmaceutical preparations. It is designed to improve the solubility and bioavailability of insoluble APIs, develop new slow-release and controlled-release preparations, and prepare flavor masking pellets or other special shaped preparations.

During the hot melt extrusion process, the raw and auxiliary materials are added into the feed hopper through the quantitative feeding device, and then uniformly conveyed into the barrel through the twin screws. The screw heats in stages, heats up step by step, melts the material step by step, and realizes co-melting in the middle section. At the same time, under the action of strong shear force, it disperses, distributes and mixes, and then further carries out vacuum devolatilization to remove the degraded small molecular substances and moisture from the material, and finally extrudes the material from the die head by extrusion of the extruder screw.

Extruder Model
Screw diameter 45mm Torque 50-180N.m
ratio of screw
15/1-40/1 optional Power supply 230V,400V,
can be customized as required.
Screw speed 1-600rpm
higher speed can be
configured as required
Heating belt 230°C
(400°C optional)
Pressure 250 bar and above Material medical grade 316L
stainless steel or highe
electrolytic polishing

Main Feature

Clamshell Barrel Design

> The barrel can be quickly opened for easy cleaning

> The combination structure of threaded components can be changed according to changes in the formula.

> Based on the quality of the fnished product, thescrew combination and mixing effect can be checked to improve product quality

The types of drugs currently
available through hot melt extrusion technology

  Everolimus Tablets
  Griseofulvin Tablets


  Traglitazone tablets


>    weighing type, weight-loss type, forced type, etc. are available in different models and sizesaccording to the confguration of the extruder

>    air-coolea ola suntace granulation, water-cooled granulation,coomngconveyorpertgranulation.various models and sizes available

>    roller granulator, high-speed pill making machine. multiple shape tablet aranulation optiona

Tablet Press:
>    continuous tablet press

Conveyor Belt:
>    water cooling/air cooling, laboratory/production multiple models optiona

Isolation Box:
>    can be used to place 16mm, 20mm series extruders and their accessories